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iPhone 11 Pro max – My experience.

Iphone 11 pro released one year ago from now. It has so many advanced features when comparing to the previous one. In my part, I bought Iphone 11 pro max after Iphone 7 plus.
According to me, Iphone 7 plus is an unique phone. It has so many wonderful features including the camera system. Portrait mode of the iphone 7 plus is inspiring. For nearly four years, Iphone 7 plus didn’t give me any trouble.

It’s been a month and a week I’m using iPhone 11 pro max. The first thing when I saw it from the box was, it was well made and there is a unique look in it. When I touch it for the first time, it was so smooth. Then I opened it by logging into iCloud and then start to use it. I realized it’s so smooth to use. The phone is very quick and easy to use. After I update it to the IOS 14 phone works better than ever.
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iPhone 7 plus came in 2016 and iPhone 11 pro max came in 2019. So I updated my mobile after 3 years. Actually, it was worth it! Also, the battery of the iPhone pro max is exceptional as I see. Usually, the phone works for more than 1 day. I follow the correct procedure to charge it as I start to charge it when it’s 20% and I stop it at 80%. Now I understand iPhone 11 max pro needs to charge 1 and half days a time. A few weeks back I went to Vavuniya and the phone was fully charged at 100%. It took more than 18 hours for the road and when I came to the home in Colombo, the phone battery was at 10%. That means I used this phone for the whole day. Also, there is an important thing I have to elaborate that, I was using mobile data for the whole day, not Wifi. When we use mobile data, the phone battery is used more than WiFi. Another thing is, when we go long-distance places, the battery tries to get a signal a bit harder than usual. So, I came to the conclusion of the battery that, the battery is much better.

  • iPhone 11 pro max has the Apple A13 Bionic chip and 4 GB Ram. Those are mainly helping with the performance I think.
    This is the first iPhone I use without a fingerprint option and that is kinda new to me. Water-resistance is also one feature I’m impressed with but I didn’t have time to check.
  • The most important thing is the Camera and night time photos are just amazing with the camera. Wide-angle photos are something special in here. It is a new thing for iPhone users I think.
    And one more thing, iPhone pro max works well with air pods pro. Air pods pro works well with Ipad pro and iPhone pro max the same time and connects instantly. So I can answer calls without delay.
    iPhone 11 pro max is user friendly and fast and smooth. If you are interested, the iPhone pro max is one to get!

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