Which type of person are you?

light vs darkness

According to Lord Buddha, there are four types of people in the world. I think you should know these in a spiritual way.

01 – People who go to Darkness to Darkness

If someone born to a poor and not well organized and a family who does sins, and keeps continuing it for whole his life is related to this category.
That means, that person does not have the ability to find and understand the real situation and he believes to become a successful one I must do these bad things on a big scale.
Those kinda people not only born with bad and evil in them but one day they will go to hell.

02 – People who go to Darkness from Light

If someone born to a well-organized and good family, but he or she loses the understanding of it and falls into the bad things is in this category.
This kinda person is lucky to have a such family. But this person did not understand the value of the goods. This person believes in order to become the success I must act in a wrongful way.
Those kinda people also go to hell after death.

03 – People who go to Light from Darkness

If someone born to a poor and not well-organized family, but with time he or she realizes what should do and make things right.
This kind of person did not lucky to born to a good family. But in time this person raises with the bad and evil. This person understands the facts and especially about ‘karma’ and moves on with life to a good level.
So, this kinda person never goes to hell.

04 – People who go to Light from Light.

If someone born to a good family and the person keeps continuing the good things and good work of the family. This kinda person is taught well from the beginning and most probably these kinda people are obedient to the parents, teachers, etc.
These kinda people understand the value of human life and believe in heaven and even afterlife. So, they choose to live a happy and comfortable life without worries.

Above four are the types of people in the world.

You choose in which category you are in and which categeroy you want to ended up ?


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