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iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max ( My Experience)

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max and Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
I used iPhone 11 Pro Max for like 4 months. Before that, I used iPhone 7 plus. So, when it comes to 7 plus to 11 pro max it was a major difference.
A lot of people told me not to buy Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max as there are very few upgrades they say. But I wanted to buy and I did.

As a guy who appreciates the camera and a huge contributor to google maps as a local guide, My first experience was with the camera. The camera was slightly better in 12 pro max was my first insight. Also, video quality is much better than 11 pro max. Also, the RAW picture facility is only available in iPhone 12 pro max. To add up, Night Mode Portrait is only available in iPhone 12 pro max. Also, stabilizing of the video is much better in iPhone 12 pro max. When you take a picture at night, iPhone 12 pro max’s one is much better and more beautiful.

When I use it, 12 pro max is much smoother than 11 pro max. I read about the A14 Bionic chip is in 12 pro max and 11 pro max has A13 bionic chip in it. And also, I found out that 12 pro max comes with 6GB ram and 11 pro max has 4GB Ram.

When it comes to battery life, I would say 11 pro max is much better. 12 Pro max is not bad, but it does not last longer than 11 pro max. Also, when it’s charging, 12 pro max gets some heat, unlike 11 pro max. Then I found out that because of the metal cover it happens. Also, the 12 pro max battery is Li-Ion 3687 mAh and the 11 pro max battery is Li-Ion 3969 mAh. To windup about the battery, 11 pro max last longer.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro max is bigger than Apple iPhone 11 Pro max and the screen is also wide. The metal cover of 12 pro max gives some protective feeling. Even though, I had to get a tempered glass and a back cover for safety as I did for 11 pro max.

Connecting with other devices such as Apple Watch and Air Pods Pro I think both iPhone 12 Pro max and iPhone 11 Pro max are working well, connecting well.

To conclude the comparison, iPhone 12 Pro max is much better than iPhone 11 Pro max because it is the updated / latest version. But if you think about the budget 11 pro max is quite good.

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