Why Apple Products are unique?

If you are searing for a prestigious mobile brand, the first name that will come to your mind is “Apple”. Apple products have had that unique and prestigiousness over the years. So, why is Apple is so unique? And why those products are considered prestigious?
Apple Products

Apple products are known for their design and style. The design and style make them unique. They aim to create the best in the class, which can be compared to other brands. For example, the Macbook Pro is not only a laptop but also an artwork of the form. The company believes that it’s more important to appeal than a computer itself. They spend so much effort to make every product look great instead of focusing on functionality and durability, as these two can be developed in the future.
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Apple products are known to be expensive, but they are sold around the world. It is not only a brand that has been selling for 8 years already. Even though Apple Products can be considered more expensive than other brands, they are still sold around the world which shows how great their quality is. For example, those who have never bought an iPhone may not know why it’s so pricy, but people who have bought an iPhone will understand why it’s pricy.
In my personal experience, I have to say Apple products are simple to use. Because those are simple, I need less time to worry about. Also, Apple products are easy to use. I don’t have to learn the use of those products first before I can buy them. I just need to plug it or turn it on, and then start using it.
Some of you may think that Apple products are not smart. But, you know what? You’re wrong! Those are smarter than other brands actually. It doesn’t need a lot of time to integrate with your iPhone or Macbook Pro.
In my opinion, I believe Apple Products are unique and prestigious because of their design and style, price, simplicity, and smartness.  
And one more thing, the durability of the Apple products are well known. Yes, it costs more than twice when compared to an android or a windows product, but you can definitely use it more than 3 times. I remember I used iPhone 7 plus for more than 3 and a half years and the only issue I had was a battery issue. Battery issue occurred after 3 years and 5 months.
So, if you are going to buy an Apple product go ahead and buy it from a trusted place like Apple Asia.

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