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Modern Technology Vs Corona Virus

Nowadays technology is advanced. So, it’s amazing how coronavirus still making a huge impact overall on the whole world for almost 2 years now.
Around the world, researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators are using technology to help ease the effects of the global health crisis. Various technology projects are rising to the occasion in the fight against coronavirus, from applications that collect data to track the virus’s spread to 3D printed ventilators for hospitals.

The new coronavirus outbreak has caused a public health catastrophe, resulting in an extraordinary outpouring of resources. The scientific and technological communities have thrown their weight behind discovering ways to help lessen the pandemic’s impact as it spreads around the world. In the last few weeks, a slew of resource and knowledge-sharing efforts have risen to the fore.
It’s crucial to understand how this new virus, known as SARS-CoV-2, behaves in order to devise countermeasures. The next strain is an open-source initiative that provides data, sequencing, and visualizations demonstrating the development of viruses such as coronavirus, information that can help epidemiologists understand how the virus evolves in different nations and probable mutations that can alter its nature. The project contributed to confirming that the virus’s virulence has not changed as the infection has spread to other nations by releasing the genetic sequencing of 700 cases of the virus with the scientific community.
Artificial intelligence could be a great tool for anticipating the disease’s future trend and even hunting for viable remedies if enough high-quality data is provided. AbCellera, a biotechnology startup, is developing medicines based on antibodies from patients who have recovered from the condition using a machine learning algorithm.
Even with a lot of facilities and many more still, the world is full of fear of the Covid19 virus. We can hope for the better by keeping health measures and make them exactly correct. Using all the health habits and precautions to be safe.

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