General Description of Rahu Graha


Rahu is a shadow entity. That is, we think it is useless. But Rahu’s influence is huge.
Rahu and Ketu are 7th in each other in the horoscope( Check your horoscope).
It is said that Rahu’s head took the form of a snake and his body a man. This implies that Rahu is a mad worker.
Rahu makes the person a mad person or something like that. Also, it is said that because of Rahu, people work so fast.

One of Rahu’s main activities is ‘walking’. Not just walking, doing it without a proper motive, like floating.
It is also common to speed things up and mess things up.
Rahu’s Maha Dasa lasts for 18 years. Receiving Rahu during the learning period interferes with learning.
Rahu gives material profits, real estate profits. Rahu comes to prominence.

  • Rahu is the main graha who gives you popularity. If anyone becomes a famous one, definitely he or she has good effects from Rahu.
    Because of that, Rahu is very important to politicians, artists and athletes.
  • 11 th Box represents the wealth and income. So if Rahu is in 11th box, that person has a good income and many more.
    So, 11th box is a place where Rahu should be in a horoscope.
  • If Rahu is in 3rd box, those people are probably celebrities.

Rahu often gives the opposite result of Ketu. Both Rahu and Ketu are moving backwards always.

* Rahu is very auspicious to Taurus and Gemini star places.
* Rahu is also generally auspicious to the star place of Virgo.

– Courtesy of Iru Astrology

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