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Every Word has a Power

Words in every language in the world have some power. Did you know that?
Suppose a friend scolds you, doesn’t it hurt …?

Music comforts not only humans but also animals, said Rabindranath Tagore. Music has the power of soothing tones. In Guttila’s poetic book, it says that even animals liked Guttila’s playing.

The word “om” also has power. It is believed that Om was the first sound heard at the beginning of the world.
We know from experience that Pirith can cure diseases. Rathana Piritha, Karaniya Metta Piritha as well as Bojyanga Piritha and Girimananda Piritha have a magical ability to feel good. It is said that the reason for the amazing power of Piriths is the power of the spells in them.

There are some magical arts that we do not know for well and are buried today. For example, the branches of a tree can be said to break the nuts off the ground.
It is said that the sounds of drums, heavies, and arrogance can activate the inhuman forces of demons, demons, and even gods.
There are daily morning and evening sound offerings at the Temple of the Tooth.
Sethkavi, Pirith, Mantras have the power of the word. In order to compose Seth (good wishers) poems, one has to be well versed in Gana Bala formations, or he knows from experience that other mistakes can happen.

Books state that King Maha Rawana the Great executed his magical airplane by magic.
When Shiva devotees want to make a wish, they say “Om Naman Sivaya” ( I worship you, Lord Shiva).

It can be done with good and bad too. We call it witchcraft/evil/sorcery. There are many of them. They can do anything from witchcraft to insanity to suicide. But no matter what, a person who follows the Dhamma ( person who has good faith) correctly knows from experience that no witchcraft or evil spirit can’t do anything.

So, words have it’s own power every time. Make sure you, use them wisely.

Author – Thivantha Harischandra


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