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Apple Watch – In my view

apple watch
I have several apple products. But for years I didn’t want to use an Apple Watch. One day my sister asked me to use an Apple Watch and I thought, ok I will do it.
The Apple Watch I use is Apple Watch 3. It belongs to the Apple Watch Series 3. I use a 42mm one.
Now, Apple Watch has updated to watch series 7. Still, I’m comfortable with Apple Watch 3.

I use my Apple Watch for specific few things.
No. 01 is to see the time and date.
No. 02 is to measure mine on foot distance.
No. 03 is to take a pic using the watch( When I’m in a place alone, I just use my Apple Watch to get a photo or video).
The above three usages are the main things I use.
Also, this watch is reminding me about my health facts such as “ You should get up now, it’s been an hour you are seating”.
Just like that, it also asks me to take a deep breath and do some breathing exercises. 

Grid View of Apple Watch

My experience with Apple Watch is it’s smooth to use. Also, I like the heart rate measuring option. Also, I use Apple Watch to answer calls and send SMS, WhatsApp messages as well.
Sometimes, I can use Apple Watch to unlock my MacBook Pro. Social media notifications are available on the watch.
One of my favorite thing to do is to change the watch strap. I have more than ten straps with my Apple Watch and I use them accordingly with my cloth. There is a silent mode in Apple Watch and it has a smooth vibration when there is a call or notification. I like that too.

Fitness tracking is also a main feature of the Apple Watch and it does some research including analyzing all the data of my fitness.
When it compares with Apple Watch Series 2, it has major updates and changes. The main thing is Apple Watch 3 is not that bulky compared to Apple Watch 2.
Apple Watch 3 is lasting for a whole day after a full charge. Wireless charging is available. One other important thing is this watch has water resistance. 

So, overall I love my Apple Watch and using it. It is easy to use and it comforts. 

Watch Faces

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